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A series of mosaics inspired by the geology of The Ercall and Wrekin Hills in Wellington and the marks left by humanity on the landscape over thousands of years.

sanctuary series


This series of work includes natural stones, crystals and geodes in addition to glass and ceramic. The backing boards are cut into natural forms and shapes, the mosaics follow the flow of the shapes. This is an attempt to create organic and free form pieces that reflect my love of the land and ancient sites within the landscape.

I am excited to have my smaller mosaics on sale at a lovely new gallery and shop in Shrewsbury.

No.61 Mardol sells work by local artists and makers as well as pieces of vintage and antique furniture.


It may be a bit fancy for our small terraced house but I have always wanted to make a floor for our entrance. I never seemed to have the time to focus on making something for myself. But at the start of lock down in March 2020 and the prospect of cancelled work and craft fairs I decided it was time. I contemplated simpler designs but I knew I really wanted to incorporate symbolic imagery. Symbolism is important to me and I like the idea that when someone new lives in this house they can enjoy it as a decorative feature or may feel compelled to invesitgate the symbolism of the little images. Alternatively they could rip it out!

So back in March I began designing the floor. Once I had my design, I drew it out full size on brown paper - in reverse. I created it using the indirect method of mosaic making. I stuck the tessarae face down on to the design drawn on to the brown paper  - using  a glue stick (remarkably sticky!) I worked at it slowly when I had time, I finished it in the summer.

And then it sat for months, the installation delayed by a flood that we had in August. we had to lift the flooring, dry everything out and then wait for the insurance. Finally by the end of December we had our new flooring down with a space left for the mosaic by the front door.  

Instalation was slow due to Christmas and the physical constraints of my poor old body. But it is finally done. I am happy with the design, not so happy that it looks wonky - but then the house is wonky!

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