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I have been drawing and painting since I was very young when my Grandad taught me to paint. I took a Fine Art Degree at Sheffield Polytechnic from 1982-1985. Since then I have continued to paint and make things whilst working and raising our family. 10 or so years ago I made my first mosaic and haven't been able to stop since! This ancient and fascinating art is wonderfully theraputic and I would urge everyone to give it a go. You can use all sorts of materials and it is a great way of saving and using any old, loved pieces of jewellery or china.


I use a wide variety of materials in my own work to create texture, movement and interest, this also means the mosaics capture the changing light beautifully. They are naturally heavy so please hang with care. Outdoor mosaics can be made on outdoor plywood or a cement board.
There are two main methods of producing mosaics, the indirect and the direct method. I mainly work with the direct method which involves placing the materials or tesserae right face up and gluing straight onto the backing surface. Once the glue is dry the mosaic is then grouted. The indirect method is useful for producing mosaics that have to be transported to their place of instalation or if it is important that the surface  be absolutely flat, for example for a table top. The indirect method involves sticking the materials or tesserae face down onto a removable backing, eg paper, this holds the design together. The design is pressed into a prepared adhesive bed and the paper removed to reveal the design.
I run community arts workshops and have been
involved in a number of local community arts
I exhibit my work locally and travel around with my
Wandering Arts and Crafts stall to Fairs and
Festivals. On my stall I sell my own work along with
work by friends and family and a few items of
Fair Trade Crafts.
I exhibit locally. Below you will find images of my
stall and recent exhibitions.
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